Birthday baking: The Results


I promised you pics of the baking extravaganza… well here they are!

In my last post I promised I’d share with you 3 things:

  1. Photos of the much-hyped (by me) birthday baking
  2. A photo of a very happy birthday boy
  3. A photo of my husband when he wasn’t rolling his eyes

Well… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?

Topline – party was a success. The sun came out (briefly), the sports day kit (bought at last minute to replace the extremely-optimistic-paddling pool) arrived only 30 mins after the party started. The prosecco and fruit shoots flowed. I didn’t drop the cake. My husband managed to get some sausages cooked on the BBQ before everyone had left (a real improvement on previous years). So all in all, a good day.

And do you know what? I was pretty chuffed with the food. Most importantly, it was all eaten, and second most importantly, it looked good for my instagram pics 🙂 (obvs I’m lying about the order of priories there). As I said in the earlier post, they were mainly shamelessly nicked from Pinterest – but for someone as creatively challenged as me I was happy with how they came together – pretty cheaply and simply as well. So here’s the highlights… plagiarism welcomed!! And for the record, the thing that disappeared the fastest was the bowl of Pom Bears. Ah well….

  1. The Crudité train (aka #mumdingerscruditetrain)

toot toot

I hyped this up so massively that the pressure was most definitely own but tbh this is pimps squeak (it’s been maybe 30 years since I last said that) – just cut 1/3 off peppers, clear them out, stick cucumber wheels on with cocktail sticks and fill them with crudités of your choice – I did cucumber, celery, peppers and carrots – which I bought pre-batoned JUST BECAUSE I COULD.

2. Cake bar vehicles


I nicked the cars from Pinterest – literally just cake bars (I chose Jaffa cake bars because they were on offer #yousaycheapskateisaysavvy) and added Giant Chocolate Buttons (‘one for them, one for me…’) for wheels and Jelly Baby drivers. And then I thought “if I can make cars, then HELL let’s go for trains!!”. Obvs they required a different shape (duh) so I went for Cadburys Mini Rolls, complete with Smartie wheels, leftover-from-christmas-last-year cabins, a mini marshmallow funnel and a giant Milkybar button face (because ALL trains have faces, ok?).  All stuck on with icing until I added too much water (FOOL) and had no more icing sugar so used melted chocolate. The toddler was INTENT on moving these vehicles about (“Oh LOOK mummy – the wheels have fallen off” FFS. Sorry to everyone that ate them – they *may* have all been manhandled) so my tip is to keep out of sight until the second they’re needed.

3. Marshmallow lollipops


I can’t take personal credit for these – I had the inspiration but this was the one thing I willingly delegated to my husband, who then spent hoooooours painstakingly applying hundreds & thousands one by one until I gently suggested he could just dip them. *Insert roll-y eye emoji here*.  They’re literally marshmallows on skewers (with the sharp pointy bit cut off to make them kid-friendly) dipped in melted chocolate (for which the Sainsbury’s Basics stuff is perfect) and then in any topping of your choice. Or placed with mathematical precision using tweezers, if you’d prefer.

4. Cake faces


“No – YOU’RE a cake face”. Lols. These are mega easy. A basic sponge recipe topped with icing and then an array of liquorice, strawberry laces, smarties, silver balls, mini-marshmallows – the works. SO MUCH FUN to put together. I never thought I’d spend a Friday night plaiting strawberry laces and arranging them in a top knot, but I did, and I’m proud.

5. The Cake



I’ve always had a thing that I’ll do a cake of their favourite toy at that time. So in previous years we’ve had a maracas cake and a train, both of which have been a pain in the ar$e to get right. So a day after his second birthday I started to encourage a love of duplo just because I knew It would be a relatively easy cake-a to make-a. Which it was (all relative, because rolling icing is hellish stuff). This was just a MASSIVE sponge cake with jam and buttercream (NOM) in the middle and apricot jam over it to hold the icing on. The lego ‘spots’ (is there a technical name for those?) are just icing… and obviously were the bits all the kids wanted.

6. Donut Snake (if #mumdingerscruditetrain gets its own hashtag so does #mumdingersdonutsnake)


“Donut even think about eating me”

This is the thing I’m most proud of because it came straight from Mumdinger’s small and very uncreative head. I put some mini donuts (Sainsbury’s, £1.50) on a plate and I just FELT a snake. So I added eyes and a tongue and voila! Took maybe 30 seconds and was probably the thing that went down best. Typical. Next year the party will be themed on the film Tremors. Just you wait.











  1. Nicola July 3, 2017 / 6:19 am

    Yeah… so I’m plagerising all of this. DA LOT. #sarrynatsarry

  2. chloeford July 19, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    These look amazing. LOVE the crudite train. Found your blog through Instagram in my suggested people and really enjoying it! I’m not a mum but have been feeling super broody recently and kind of become obsessed with reading mum blogs and vlogs… don’t know if that’s weird. Anyway, looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • mumdinger
      July 25, 2017 / 3:36 pm

      Ahhh I just read this! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I still find it bizarre that people I don’t know read it..! Haha I’ve got a friend just like you – she hasn’t got kids but is obsessed with mum blogs!! I actually wish Id had instagram before I had my toddler as I think the community out there is amazing. Hope you continue to enjoy! X

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