The easiest weaning recipes ever ever EVER

Hit weaning and need some pimps squeak go-to recipes? Here you go…

We’re deep in Weaning Season with child number 2. I was totally daunted by this first time round so I did ALL the research and bought ALL the books and ALL the kit (this is my general approach to most things i try my hand at in life, FYI: ‘shop now, try later’). Turns out I had a child with such bad hand / mouth co-ordination that baby-led wasn’t an option and so instead set about steaming and blitzing every fruit and veg that came anywhere near the house. It worked: he loved food and still does now*.


So this time round I was feeling OK  – the minute my 5 month old started to eye up my food in the same way I eye up Mr Gosling, there I was with my blender and ice cube trays ready to get to work. But alas, children are all different and perhaps seeing what his big bro is eating, this one wants the real deal himself. So I’ve spent the last few weeks frantically digging out the baby-led books and crinkle cutters and working out what will and won’t choke him. He’s been going for a few weeks now and it’s fair to say he’s enjoying himself. I’m amazed with the way his 2 little teeth-stumps manage to break down the food enough for him to swallow it, but somehow they do. He’s a fan of a puree too now, especially those lovingly created by my good friend Ella in her Kitchen. She’s great that girl.


Discovered instagram filters with this kid…

Anyway, i’m blabbering on… but i thought it was worth sharing a couple of recipes i’ve found to be useful both times round. To be fair, “recipes” is a loose term. “Food combinations” might be a better way of putting it because they both use 2 ingredients and take about 2 minutes. I could create a whole recipe book on 1 sheet of A4. I also need to say that I’m absolutely not a chef. Or a nutritionist. Or even, really, a foodie. I mean, i love my food but I pretty much love ALL food. When you’re with your mates in a dirty caf and they’re all bemoaning the quality of a burger, I’m the one sitting quietly thinking “yummy, this tastes gooood”. But what I definitely do like is quick, easy food that i know my kids (and me when scavenging the leftovers) will love, and that’s exactly what these do. Enjoy.


Take 1 banana and mash it in a bowl. Crack an egg into it and mix it altogether. Melt some unsalted butter in a frying pan and when hot, pour in your mix spreading it over the base of the pan. Leave for a few minutes until firm on that side and use a fish slice to turn it over and repeat on the other side. ET VOILA! Banana pancake. The end. That’s it. Easiest thing EVER (and particularly delicious when smothered in syrup for the grown ups)


Take equal part porridge and milk and stir together in a bowl – 3 tbsp of each works for 1 baby breakfast. Spread over a flat tray or plate and microwave for 2 minutes. Slice and serve up. Also delicious when dowsed in syrup. Maybe i should just eat syrup….


And sooooo less messy than normal porridge. Winner!

*it was a proud moment when he told me his all time favourite food was “Dairlyrea Dunkers”


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